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Rick Graves

Monday, July 19, 2010

Messenger Profile-Brandon Bailey!

Brandon has brought a unique enthusiasm and competence to our crew. He knows that you have to love what you do, and the better you get, there's more to love-Thanks Brandon, it's a pleasure and an honor having you on the team.-RG

I'm Brandon, and I work for Clutch Couriers. Here's the shortened run-down on me,
I started working as a courier in Baltimore, MD after realizing a few things. One,that my commute to and from my crummy kitchen job was the only part of the day I enjoyed and two that I was always the person running the the store for my friends because I wanted to be on my bike inside of sitting inside. After working in Baltimore for about 2 years I moved to Milwaukee, WI. I became a courier there for a brief time before fracturing my neck and coming back to MD to recover, and then moving out here to beautiful Santa Cruz. I tried to get a bike job here for a while, but I had no luck. And I wasn't about to get a job I hated just to pay for things that keep me comfortable doing something I didn't want to do. So I waited for a while, doing volunteer bike work (like FNB) and working fill-in for Ped-X, until one day I started working here.

Here I also started playing Bike Polo which I love dearly and have gotten better and better at that the more I have played here and other cities. Bike polo is the best and anyone who reads this should check it out and come play. I also love chicken wings, screaming along to music while I ride, beer, and working hard.

This job gives me so much. When I first started (B-more) it got me in shape and showed me the potential of my life: that I don't have to be miserable, I can have fun and work at the same time. This job is so much fun. On top of getting paid to ride a bike all day, it also comes with an intensely positive feeling thats part endorphins and part knowing that I am doing something I love doing without compromise. This job gives me satisfaction in many ways just come ask me if you want (though I might talk your ear off if I just got back from Watsonville). And though sometimes I do miss the intensity and fast pace of the city I love Santa Cruz's fresh air, crazy people, and open skies.

I feel like I have a lot to give to this company as well. I've always given my all to my jobs, but especially here do I give it all because I actually feel respected and not used. When I feel like that it makes me want to come in everyday and work hard all day as well as try and learn new things and make myself better so that I can help out more. Since I was also here in Santa Cruz without a job I know what its like to have nothing here, it makes all the difference to have a job like this and something to live for. I also like to think I bring my positive attitude and willingness to run my body to the ground if need be (it usually heals back just fine).

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