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Rick Graves

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clutch Couriers lead feature in Sunday's Santa Cruz Sentinel!


SANTA CRUZ -- Rick Graves and the other riders at Clutch Couriers, which recently announced an expansion into Monterey County, have nimbly maneuvered the economic downturn as if they were swerving around a suddenly stopped delivery van on Ocean Street.

see full article @ http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/business/ci_15238288

1 comment:

att.net said...

I can't help but admit that i was excited to see you Rick in this
article. I know like your blog discusses there is a bit of romanticism rapped in with my -this feeling of excitement. I do know the hard work and dedication it takes to ride and also make a living! I have been thinking a lot about courier work. I am really impressed that you have turned the hard work into a viable business. I have been riding around town since 2006 helping others. You may have seen me flying down the hill on Soquel Dr.. But then again their are so many of us. There is a bit of a thrill and comradary on the road if you've been riding awhile-don't cha think!
Ta ta,