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Rick Graves

Monday, April 28, 2014

SF Chronicle article on bike messengers 4-26-14

Interesting article about the growing number of messenger companies in the bay area turning to cargo delivery to stay afloat. While I agree that adaptability is key to the survival of the industry, I don't think that the future of bike messengers is in being go-fers for the "culture of instant gratification". For one thing, food delivery provides very little upward mobility for my crew; there's only so much even a fantastically rich techie will pay for a bagel. The real opportunity is in the fact that business is picking up, and both offices and individuals need more help streamlining their day. A professional bicycle courier company can pick up good work in this environment by providing a better, more efficient service for delivery of items of consequence within time frames that are unattainable by motorized competition because of congestion. That way the bike courier is providing an essential service beyond pure convenience, and companies will find them indispensable even in hard times.
This model has worked well for us in Santa Cruz with Clutch Couriers; where we provide a variety of professional services across a broad spectrum of the market. Our messengers are paid accordingly, and this allows them financial security beyond the 'fringe lifestyle' usually associated with bike messengers. By raising the professional standards and value of bicycle couriers in the market, the entire industry progresses forward and upward.
I wrote about the differences in approach and the long-term viability of the job a couple of years ago. This is also worth reading .. http://clutchcouriers.blogspot.com/2012/03/who-needs-bike-messengers.html