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Rick Graves

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on bike to work week

Sustainable transportation is not just a slogan. To give it meaning, you have to put it into action, which is what Clutch Couriers is doing with our new bicycle courier route to Watsonville, a hilly, thirty-four mile roundtrip from our home base in Santa Cruz.

Already the word is out and companies are looking for bids to take advantage of emerging South County opportunities for sustainable transportation in action.

The more people that sign up, the more affordable it becomes, and a new green economy is born, linking the North with the historically under utilized businesses in the South County area.

Clutch Couriers is the only courier company in Santa Cruz County to provide same day filing services to Watsonville Family Law Superior Court, and now that the County has moved all family law proceedings and filings to the new Watsonville Civic Plaza, attorneys in North County are forced to make the long commute by car to get their documents filed or retrieved on time.

That is unless they use Clutch Couriers, removing a car from the freeway, and relieving stress on both person and planet.

By creating professional services relayed by bicycle, Clutch Couriers creates economic upward mobility for a traditionally flat line job, as well as viability for bicycle delivery on a whole different level of the economy.

The effect is cumulative, the more people that do this job well, the more people from different sectors of the market will want to hire bike messengers, a net gain for the environment.

By creating viable sustainable transportation to Watsonville, Clutch Couriers makes possible a satellite office in the Watsonville area creating more green jobs where the need is most pronounced.

When people see sustainable transportation working for them on all levels, both the heart and the pocket book, and when they are served by professional and skilled bike messengers, this will be a movement that cannot be stopped.

The way to truly change the world is through avenues that affect daily life, such as the business sector, not from some ivory tower or panel discussion.

Join us in getting the word out. With your help, the growth of professional sustainable transportation services will be limitless.

And remember, a rising tide raises all boats.


Richard Graves
Clutch Couriers/Owner