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Rick Graves

Saturday, December 22, 2007

nyc ride

I wanted to post this video about what it’s like to ride as a messenger in NYC. I miss it sometimes. I have to be so polite in SC cuz the ped I cut off today could be who I’m trying to promote my business to tomorrow- Still live to ride tho’-check it out and please don’t get mad at the possibly offensive lyrics-Nuttin’ but Love-Rick

Squid NYC Messenger on Ellen

This is my good friend Squid AKA Kevin appearing on the Ellen De Generes show last year. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and taught me a lot about what it means to be in the messenger community.


We are all flawed and you never know what someone has been through or what they are really thinking. One of the great things about messengers in NYC in particular is among the 3,000 or so on the road every day in Manhattan they run the gamut from straight outta Rikers to elitist snobs, yet at the events that Squid put together or helped with like the Beer Olympics or Apocolips Halloween alleycat we all got together on an even playing field and gave each other shit in the spirit of fun.

When you are a messenger-everywhere you go you will have a home with your brothers and sisters in arms and Squid exemplifies that spirit.

He recently had a son with his wife Amy so I’m sure his life is different now-congrats and welcome to the club Bro!-but I look forward to seeing him again when I visit NYC next and I’m sure that he’ll be stoked about me carrying on the tradition of riding hard-not being afraid to get paid well-and loving life-out here in beautiful SC, Cali-

Long Live Clutch Couriers!


Dexter One Love/Leg NYC

This guy is my hero-he used to blow past me going up sixth avenue all the time-when I feel sorry for myself I try to think of people like him who keep going no matter what.

Nuttin’ but Love and Good Vibrations Dexter!