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Rick Graves

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

19 years and counting!

Today marks the end of my 19th year as a bike messenger, and the beginning of my 20th!!

To those who have supported me and rode along the way: I am forever grateful for you pulling me forward in your draft, and for the welcome company on this sometimes lonely road.

To those who don't understand and have tried to stop me: There are times when I have carried the full weight of your judgements.. Yet - There is no ill intent I cannot outlast. There is no ridicule that will not eventually slide off my back. There is no roadblock you may throw up that I cannot out-maneuver. The only way you can cut my journey short is to run me down, and if that happens... God help us both.

I feel like the proverbial happy hound with his head out the window of a speeding car; ears flying back with a trail of slobber. I may get hit in the head with a pole.. but at least I'm enjoying the ride. Thank you to the 'driver' for rolling down the window and allowing me that freedom!