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Rick Graves

Monday, February 23, 2009

Flicker Photo

Richard Masoner took this photo at the opening of the pedestrian bridge across San Lorenzo-he also gives props to messengers who use gears-Yay Richard!!


"This is bike messenger Rick Graves, owner of Santa Cruz Clutch Couriers. He was riding a Bridgestone RB-1, a bike designed by the legendary Grant Petersen. Like the bikes of many real messengers, Rick's bike is equipped with gears, which are especially handy given the hills he traverses everyday as he transports documents from Santa Cruz to the county courthouse in Watsonville."-Richard Masoner


Stay safe-Rick


Yokota Fritz said...

Glad you like it, and thanks for the mention!

Kirk said...

Gotta love the Bridgestones. In 1991 I was hit by a car I lost my spleen and spent the next eight years being hound for twenty grand in medical bills but the fact that my MB-4 was destroyed is the part of the story that bums me out to this day. BTW congrats on two years of success.
Kirk Anchorage

Clutch Couriers Weblog said...

Thanks Kirk-

We all admire you for doing what you do that far north you crazy mo fo. Santa Cruz is nice but sometimes I miss riding behind the snow-plow in NYC makin mad loot as the slackers sleep it off. Nothing like Anchorage tho I'm sure. Are you still on the road?

Peace out-Rick

Kirk said...

I like to think of myself as semi-retired. I always thought winters in places like NYC are tougher then here. I expect roads to be covered in ice for most of the winter and I set-up my bikes for it.