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Rick Graves

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two years and counting...

As two years of business in Santa Cruz comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect on all that we have accomplished. Our growth in size and market share has been achieved at a phenomenal pace, opening up new markets in the entertainment, legal, medical and government sectors.
On any given business day, you will see at least 4-6 Clutch Couriers on the road. We are in your banks, courthouses, post-offices, clinics, college campuses, and office buildings-providing highly skilled professional services for a variety of needs, from delivering blood to notarizing and serving legal documents.
Because we had the chutzpa to provide daily courier services to Watsonville by bicycle since early April, a whole new market in South County is welcoming all bids, motorized and otherwise. It is Clutch Couriers that has the client base and the long term business plan that will maintain and grow this vital transportation link into the future.
We have maintained and grown our client base because of the standards we set and a lot of positive word of mouth. Some of the local envirogencia may not acknowledge it, but we have taken more cars off the road than anyone else because of our emphasis on excellent service. How did we convince the Bus company to replace armored trucks with pro bike messengers for their inter-office mail delivery? With the strength of our great track record and referrals-not political finger wagging.
Clutch Couriers' success over the past two years is vindication of the philosophy I have espoused all along: Make yourself indispensable to your clients, diversify into new markets, and not only is it a net gain for the environment, you are creating jobs that actually provide a future for the industry here in Santa Cruz County.
The more people that hire us because we do a great job first, the greater the impact that it's all done on bikes.
Something to look for in the first quarter of '09 is the upgraded website with e-commerce capabilities and hopefully a cleaner, simpler interface. We welcome your comments on this blog as the site is constructed, check the progress at:
Thanks and praise must be given to our hard-working crew: Asher, Juliette, David, Nick, Jay, and Zack-Without their dedication and work ethic none of this would be possible. Of course you can tell that they love what they do, which is the point after all.
To our clientele and community who have encouraged us through the growing pains, and sometimes derision-Thank you so much. We're not going anywhere, and eventually more people will get behind the fact that Santa Cruz deserves at least two excellent professional bike messenger services.
Finally, thanks and love to all my family-blood and heart. It's your inspiration that keeps me going.

Two years and counting...Here's to many more!


Rick Graves/Clutch Couriers


squid said...

Congratulations Rick and the whole crew!!!

Clutch Couriers Weblog said...

Thanks Squid-

Cyclehawk and Clutch Couriers-holdin' down both coasts-yo


Jay said...

Thanks for the props rick. Any cheers to 09 and Clutch progress!!