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Rick Graves

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Messenger Profile #14 Casey Monahan!

Casey has recently left us for Seattle, but was a great addition to the crew while he was here. We're only dissapointed that he had to quote Jason Gordon Levitt at the end of his profile. Good luck Casey!!! Sad to see you go. -RG

Hey there. I’m Casey. I started riding the treacherous roads of Santa Cruz in 1998—at the tender age of three, on a red plastic heartbreaker—and I’ve been wrecking hills ever since. I started working with bikes in high school at the local non-profit Bike Santa Cruz County (formerly People Power) instructing kids on bike safety and maintenance, making smoothies and generally “taking care of business”. I got into the d.i.y. punk scene early, and have made being a musician a huge part of my life. I’ve played countless shows in the area, and everywhere up and down the west coast, in my own projects or in my friends’ bands. My band Pigeon Pit talks a lot about growing up in Santa Cruz being loud and queer and sad (you can check it out if you want but I didn’t tell you to) and has a lot of autobiographical narratives. My music for me is about storytelling, which is a huge passion of mine. The other thing I do, besides biking and sleeping, is write. I now study Creative Writing and Gender Studies in college, and plan on writing to be published in the relatively near future. I met the guys at Clutch playing bike polo while studying literature at Cabrillo College in Aptos and working at the Bagelry downtown. After a couple years working in food service jobs and pestering Brandon about letting me work at Clutch, an opportunity arose. Working at Clutch Courier has been completely liberating for me. It’s a paycheck, sure, but it’s also an honest day’s work where I get off with a thin coat of dirt and sweat and I feel fantastic. The progress I’ve made at Clutch with my riding, my outlook and my anxiety has accomplished a huge amount of positive change for me. I feel like I’m really working for myself here, waking up completely stoked to go to work, and going home feeling exhausted and accomplished and ready to eat anything that comes near me. I recently transplanted to Seattle, WA to study Creative Writing and to eventually teach high school, but I’m still wrecking hills and blowing through tires every day, hopefully returning to courier work once I’ve gotten to know the city. I ride a touring steel frame road bike for business and a steel frame fixed gear track bike for pleasure (no brakes no masters, all cars are bastards, can’t stop, don’t want to).

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