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Rick Graves

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RIP Zachary Parke

Zack was an exceptional human being.
When I first met him and he told me he wanted to be a Clutch Courier I wasn’t convinced that the skinny kid I saw in line with the bushels of lettuce and avocado would have what it takes to get the job done. But he kept pestering me, and I told him if he took my old Italvega road bike (with gears and brakes) instead of his fixed gear bike he could have the job. Over the years he became my most reliable rider.
Zachary loved mountain climbing and spent most of his weekends in Bishop or Yosemite. When he came back down off the mountain I could still see it in his eyes. Here was a man who had found a way to get as close to God as possible, and he wrapped his whole life around getting back up there as often as he could. Sometimes that competed with my priorities as a business owner, but I had to give it to him, and it was a joy to see someone pursue their dream so completely.
Zack always looked for and pointed out the good things in people and in life. He exemplified them too, always having the time to listen to you, and the generosity to offer a friendly, encouraging perspective.
He poured himself fully into the life of his choosing and we have to give him that. I keep expecting to pick up the phone and hear his voice on the other side, “Hey Rick, it’s Zack. Made the drop with Jim, postering all done, keys are back. I’m off to climb Half-Dome!’
Copy that, Good Buddy. Except this time you don’t have to come back down off the mountain.
Rick Graves


Bicycling Monterey said...

Thank you for sharing these memories of Zach. Heartfelt sympathy from your neighbors across the bay.

millz said...

zach was my favorite friend to run into on soquel. i would always flag him down and ask him of his latest adventures! i will think of him evey time i jump on my bike or climb a wall for the rest of my life. zach parke was a gentleman and a scholar of life.

dontcoast said...

zach was the man. found out about his passing from some blog and started bawling

one of the most positive and inspiring people ive met

thanks for all the good times riding, playing polo, hanging out and climbing trees. you'll be missed.