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Rick Graves

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wu Wei and helmet or no?

Kinda hating on my new helmet-Can we please make a cap that will satisfy the people screaming at me "get a f-ing helmet" from their cars while still not feeling like it's going to give me forehead cancer from the LACK OF COMFY.
Oh well, I'm sorry moms but I'm far more likely to get severe head injury in a car or falling out of bed.
Does anybody else feel this way?-I know all the local folks preaching about "bike safety" like to let their hair feel the air on the weekends too. shhhhhhhh....

Peace out and stay safe with knowledge of self and respect for those sharing the road.-RG


Yokota Fritz said...

I'm with you, man. I mostly a wear a helmet to keep the safety ninnies off of my back.

Helmets make great handles for when you're a punching bag, too.

Anonymous said...

well if your job is to ride a bike it would be a shame to have your head smashed AND lose your job because you went down to hard. Im all for helmets completely. Looks good