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Rick Graves

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Asher Wilson-true fighting Irish!

Asher is our most seasoned rapper/messenger. It's a good thing to have the old curmudgeon on the crew who likes to work hard and inspire others while making us all laugh.

Cheers Asher, even if your profile is playboy bunny style-Big ups to you!-Rick

Likes:Puppies, Jujitsu, Hardcore, The Beach, Cartoons, Bikes, Jesus, High-Fives, Marvin Gaye
Dislikes:The State, Whiners & Crybabies, Injuries, Kooks, Rent, People Who Can Afford Fancy Track Bikes
Fav. Food: Tie: Vegan Sri Lanken/Soul Food
Fav Color [?]:Blue?
Fav Place:Tie:Lost Boys Train Bridge/Garden of Eden off 9
Fav Songs: Start Today-Gorilla Biscuits/What's Goin on-Marvin Gaye/Rise Above-Black Flag
Fav Breed of dog:Norweigan Valhund
Parting Words: "Stay Positive"

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