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Rick Graves

Friday, April 3, 2009

Juliette Pelligrini -Clutch Courier and Good Citizen!

Our second messenger profile-

A bike incident-Juliette

Sunday evening I headed down from the westside. I took a left turn onto Cedar street into the bike lane. All of a sudden a man took a left hand turn out of the Poet and Patriot alley into my lane . I hit the breaks and paused, bracing myself as he passed me. I took a moment and shook my head. I rose to find a young man running holding a laptop, closely followed by a younger gentleman running screaming, "that kid has my laptop" repeatedly with every last breath. The man who just missed me by inches followed the man with the laptop alongside boy without a laptop. I took a right onto the alleyway and was able to intercept laptop man as the near bike crash man rode directly into laptop man. Sending the laptop crashing onto the pavement. I picked it up and returned it to a very out of breath boy. The man got away but not with a laptop-bikes save laptops-

-Keep Rolling-

Juliette/Clutch Couriers

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Yokota Fritz said...

Clutch Couriers new motto: Do A Good Turn Daily. :-)

Smokin' portraits!